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We handle technology needs to help organizations reach their full potential

We handle
technology needs
to help organizations
reach their full potential.

If you've looked around but can't find anyone to solve your business problem,
you're in the right place.

Our Value

We partner with companies to build custom solutions for their business problems.

Need support on a marketing campaign?

Have an inefficient process that's slowing work down?

Want to take your business to the next level, but aren't sure what technology will help you get there?

Whether it's:
  • supporting a marketing campaign by building a new complex database-driven website with all the trimmings, or
  • fixing an inefficient process with a custom application

...we can handle it.

We can help. We'll do the heavy technical lifting for you, freeing you up to focus on what you do best: your core business.

Words on the street

I've always been impressed with TechMuscle's ability to internalize our processes and procedures. Over time they built a wealth of knowledge surrounding our legacy systems. They used that knowledge to advocate for optimized customer experiences and championed our cause with third party providers. A true technology partner.

Keith Ford, Interactive Project Manager, Unilever

TechMuscle didn't just build what we asked. They dug in and figured out our company, and proposed functionality that really fit us well.

Nick DiGiolia, Harris & Harris

Our Work

We help companies save time, gain insight, solve business problems and capture marketing opportunities.

Our work spans from building websites (large and small) to custom web and desktop applications. We're seasoned in planning and managing large projects with numerous requirements.

Our team

Our team is competent and curious. Sure, that's small, but that makes us flexible, responsive and personable. You don't get much overhead with us.

Our Approach

We like to take time to create solutions that fit.

Each situation is different and requires research and analysis before any code is written. We're very relational, curious and do our best work when given an inside perspective to your business.

  • 1 Understand

    We listen and learn about your challenges and ideas.

    What you get: A better idea of how to overcome the hurdles you're facing and some options for next steps. Free!

  • 2 Discover

    We put on our detective hat drilling down to the root of your problem or the core objectives of your opportunity.

    What you get: Clear problem/opportunity definition and detailed plan of proposed technologies to fill the gap.

  • 3 Build

    Time to code! We work with you to implement the plan, adjusting along the way if new information surfaces.

    What you get: Final working software, deployed.